This page intend for help for Go-fenciers to investigate in necessity of entry into federation.

Some extracts from articles of federation of Go

Goal of federation:

  • Federation created for development and popularization of Go in Izhevsk, rise the part of intellectual games and sports onto comprehensive and harmonious development of personality, strengthening of position and rising prestige of Izhevsk's sport on Russian and international areas.

    Objectives of federation:

  • Integration of efforts of federation's members and every concerned organization on development of Go;
  • development and strengthening ralations with Go federations of other cities and regions of Russia and foreign countries and native and international organizatons;
  • guaranteeing of rights and intrestings social protection of sportsmans, coachs, referees and other specialists, care about Go veterans;
  • populization of Go into population...

    Member of federation have rights:

  • chose and be chosen into leading and control-revision agancy of federation;
  • to enjoy the support of federation to protect himself's social rights;
  • have privilege for federation members;
  • recieve information about any type of federation activity;

    By desicion of Federation conference membership fees amount 300 rub/year since 1.1.2005.

    Requests to entry into federation sends to members of  federation leading committee

    Members of federation:

    Afanasiev Vladimir (Barnaul)
    Beliaev Yuri
    Baranov Vladimir
    Bormin Michail
    Borisov Viacheslav
    Faizilin Rinat
    Kazakov Alexey
    Kamalov Alexey
    Klabukov Alexey
    Matushkin Dmitri
    Ponomarev Vladimir
    Reshetnikov Sergey
    Sankin Vladimir
    Sankin Timur
    Ustinov Dmitri
    Vorobiev Nikolai
    Visocky Sergey
    Yusupov Rustam

    фото name:Beliaev Yyuri Michailovich
    KGS nick:ogleb
    birth date:20-12-1953
    phone, e-mail:36-18-17
    status:member of Go Russian Federation, member of IzhFedGo Leading Committee
    when start:11.01.1976
    strength:3 dan

    фото name:Bormin Michail Anatolievich
    KGS nick:Dachik0
    birth date:13-08-1982
    phone, e-mail:541951
    status:member of Leading Committee
    when start:"Hikaru no GO" anime, learn the rules at 1 april 2005
    achievements:Russian Championship till 25 years 2005 1'st place winner in 3'rd group
    hobby:cycle, take up photography, anime
    strength:11 kyu

    фото name:Faizullin Rinat Vasilovich
    KGS nick:rf85
    birth date:17-07-1985
    phone, e-mail:46-29-56
    status:member of federation
    achievements:Student Izhevsk Championship 2004 1'st pace winner
    strength:10 kyu

    фото name:Ilyin andrey Ivanovich
    KGS nick:SatOk
    birth date:24-03-1985
    phone, e-mail:25-97-92
    status:member of federation
    when start:march of 2004
    strength:5 kyu

    фото name:Kamalov Alexey Vladimirovich
    KGS nick:LEXX, thx, noMaster, go30k
    birth date:23-07-1983
    phone, e-mail:54-48-36
    status:member of federation
    when start:february of 2004
    achievements:Student Izhevsk Championship 2005 3'rd place winner
    strength:7 kyu

    фото name:Kazakov Alexey Nikilaevich
    birth date:24-01-1960
    phone, e-mail:75-54-59
    status:member of federation
    when start:"Science & Life" magazine
    achievements:Izhevsk Open Cup 2005 3'rd place winner in 2'nd group
    strength:12 kyu

    фото name:Klabukov Alexey Semenovich
    KGS nick:alexey800
    birth date:08-12-1983
    phone, e-mail:20-86-62, 8-922-6899878,
    status:The President of Go Izhevsk Federation, go teacher
    when start:in 10'th grade (1999), Sankin Timur learn how to play
    achievements:Izhevsk Open Cup 2005 3'rd place winner in 1'st group
    hobby:Music, cars, billiard
    strength:1 dan

    фото name:Kozlov Yuri Sergeevich
    birth date:06-04-1946
    when start:something about 1983г
    achievements:Izhevsk Open Cup 2005 1'st place winner in 2'nd group
    strength:3 kyu

    фото name:Maslova Svetlana Valerievna
    KGS nick:Kleer
    birth date:06-09-1981
    phone, e-mail:36-36-87
    when start:after "Hikaru no GO" watching
    hobby:"Whole Russia" party, anime
    strength:17 kyu

    фото name:Matushkin Alexander Dmitrievich
    birth date:05-10-1994
    when start:2002
    achievements:Izhevsk Championship till 12 years 2005 1'st place winner, Shikshina Cup 2005 1'st place winner
    strength:4 kyu

    фото name:Promyslov Ivan Andreevich
    KGS nick:promys
    birth date:23-08-1983
    phone, e-mail:21-18-84
    status:was member of Leading Committee till decamber 2004. Since 2005 not a fedaration member because of ideology considerations
    when start:1991 г. sport-club "IzhPlaneta"
    achievements:Russian Championship till 18 years 2'nd place winner (1998), Russian Championship till 16 years 1'st, 2'nd and 3'rd place winner (1996, 1997, 1998 accordingly), Europe Championship tlii 18 years 6'th place winner (1998), LG Cup 1'st place winner in group (1999), Izhevsk Championship 1'st place winner (2005).
    strength:3 дан

    фото name:Reshetnikov Sergey Alexandrovich
    KGS nick:Abundand
    birth date:24-11-1961
    phone, e-mail:67-62-62
    status:member of federation
    when start:2002, when son bring game from school
    achievements:1'st place in 3'rd group in Cheliabinsk
    hobby:tourism, net marketing
    strength:13 kyu

    фото name:Reshetnnikov Valeri Sergeevich
    KGS nick:Murmur
    birth date:30-03-1994
    phone, e-mail:36-41-10
    when start:Study Go at school when he was in 2'nd grade
    achievements:Izhevsk Championship 7'th place
    hobby:swinmming, coccer, Go
    strength:11 kyu

    фото name:Sankin Vladimir Evgenievich
    KGS nick:GoManiaSan
    birth date:19-05-1958
    phone, e-mail:20-78-41
    status:member of IzhFedGo presidium
    when start:something about 1992
    strength:6 kyu

    фото name:Sankin Marat Vladimirovich
    KGS nick:marat
    birth date:31-03-1989
    phone, e-mail:cell: 8-905-87-69-000, home: 20-78-41
    status:member of federation
    when start:11 years ago, thanks for parants
    achievements:don't remember even if they were
    strength:1 kyu

    фото name:Sankin Timur Vladimirovich
    KGS nick:SanKingTim
    birth date:07-12-1984
    phone, e-mail:8-9091655324,
    status:Member of RFG Presidium. Chairman of internet-commission RFG. Member of Izhevsk Federation Leading Committee.
    when start:Play since 6 years old, coach - Beliaev Yuri
    achievements:Team Europe Championship 2005 winner. Pair Europe Championship 2005 3'rd place winner. Asia Team Cup 2004 3'rd place winner. Reiterated winner of Russian children and youth Championships.
    hobby:tea ceremony, oriental cookery, wanna live in Japan or Korea!
    strength:4 dan

    фото name:Ustionov Dmitri Sergeevich
    KGS nick:Shemoth
    birth date:06-10-1985
    status:member of federation, IzhFedGo site's administrator
    when start:february of 2004
    achievements:Student Izhevsk Championship 2005 2'nd place winner, Blitz-competition 2005 3'rd place winner
    hobby:practise music
    strength:5 kyu

    фото name:Vorobiev Nikolai Anatolievich
    KGS nick:BopoHa
    birth date:16-04-1981
    phone, e-mail:37-71-98
    status:member of federation
    when start:his friend teach him
    hobby:coding, cycle, amine
    strength:17 kyu

    фото name:Vysocky Sergey Vladimirovich
    KGS nick:svrcd
    birth date:25-04-1976
    status:member of federation
    strength:9 kyu

    фото name:Zinatulin Vadim Rafailovich
    KGS nick:Vadim
    birth date:15-10-1983
    phone, e-mail:22-05-06
    strength:6 kyu
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