28.03.2006 Congratulations to Sankin Timur! He got 2nd place in Japan Consul General Cup in St. Petersburg!
It allows him take part in Russian Championship Final four year in a row. You can see the 1st place record of the game here
28.03.2006 Congatulations to Matushkin Alexandr! He got 3rd place on Europe Championship until 12 years!
Izhevsk Federation of Go is proud of regular success of their pupils! Our team presents: Antonova Alexandra, Zhuikova Alina, Kiposov Denis, Kilin Oleg, Koposov Denis, Kopotev Pavel, Lekomtseva Katya, Mal'kov Pavel, Novichkova Alla, Protopopov Daniil, Uleev Pavel, Utkin Igor, Hohryakov Kirill. We got assurance that they make much better in the near future.
28.03.2006 Our congatulations! Reshetnikov Valeri got 5 wins on Europe Championship until 18 years !
Hope that through 3-4 years we will get winners of Europe Championships in this age category.
25.01.2006Matushkin Alexander became a champion of Russia till 12 years! Our congratulations!
01.01.2006Happy New Year!
05.12.2005The results of Russia Championship Final 2005
Sankin Timur and Promyslov Ivan takes 5'th and 7'th places accordingly
16.07.20052nd Russian team won the Europe team competition
05.04.2005Mr Chun in Izhevsk
Mr Chun 8p arrived in Izhevsk on two days. In first day of his visit he give a lection for players of 10kyu level and give a multi-board go-play (he was beaten only by one). Today Mr Chun gave a multi-board play for dan-players. There was two wins: Sanking Timur (3 handicap) and Beliaev Yuri (4 handicap).
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